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‘Writer’s block’--- that’s what was keeping me from updating my blog for so long. Faithful readers noticed the absence and here I am trying to shake off the cobwebs. It was more like a mental block, a state where one is so preoccupied with other stuff that writing is forced to take a backseat. Even with my exams now over, things are still quite hectic but I’m taking out time for what I love doing the most… writing.

First a quick update on what has been keeping me busy. First I went through a series of non-ending exams, then a special someone was in town and later I was home for vacations. Now college is open again and the schedule is brimming with stuff that requires attention. Cat classes, college lectures, NIIT training, CS studies, extra-curriculars… my hands are more than full right now. The MBA form-filling season has also kicked in and days are spent contemplating about which institute to pick and which to ditch. Neha, a close buddy, is going to the US for her engineering and we’re busy planning this little surprise for her before she leaves. Then I’m also making room for other essentials like orkutting(indispensable!), returning e-mails, catching up with friends, going places and basically keeping myself entertained. The quest of staying abreast with current-affairs is teaching me new things. A lot has been happening at home as well and thank god for that cause it helps me keep my senses alive.

Harry Potter--- the book and the movie--- was something I had been waiting for for so long. Saw the movie on the first day of the release and would have written a review too… but loads of those are available everywhere. Decided to save redundancy. The Deathly Hallows--- well, words can never do justice to the brilliance that Rowling is blessed with. Fans must have read it by now, so a review seems quite unessential.

Experienced pure bliss in the most unusual of things- morning walks! With excellent company and pre-monsoon sprinklers… there could have been no better way to start my day. A 5.30 a.m. attendance and a 2 hour-long jog did wonders to my body and mind alike. Location? Central Park in Jaipur---- located in the midst of the most expensive range of flats, Royal Ensign, on one side; the famous Statue Circle on the other; and our very own Vidhan Sabha and Rajpath on yet another end; this place was a joggers paradise. Roughly 4-5 kilometres in radius, half of it also doubles up as a golf course. Polo and golf--- two things the city is famous for. Legend has it that the late Maharaja Sawai Man Singh had won his wife, the uber famous Rajmata Gayatri Devi, in a game of polo. But lets not delve into history books now. Lets keep talking about other more random and erratic things in life…

College is different this year. First because I know its my last year here. Second, ragging. It is being seen as a punishable offence and cctvs’ have been installed in most north campus colleges. Posters and banners scream out and warn seniors against ragging the fuchchas but I doubt that’s making much difference. The freshies want to be ragged and show more prudence than the police authorities by reasoning out that the whole ‘college experience’ concept is incomplete and inadequate without a little friendly ragging. It builds rapport and increases the comfort level between two otherwise unknown classes. Atleast it worked for my immediate juniors and me last year. God knows where things are headed this year with so little ragging. All would agree that no ragging means lesser stories to tell your grand-children when you grow old! (The Bombay junta… no indirect reference to your side of the picture, whatsoever.)

Now a little something about teeny-tiny pieces of advice that I’ve folded up and saved deep inside me in the box of golden words for future reference. These helped me sail out of a maelstrom of emotions.

-One includes “Don’t crucify a human being for acting like a human being.” Noteworthy (thanks Ankush).

-Another goes like “Nothing is as important as it initially seems.” Makes sense (Arunabh, you asked me to spread the word).

-Yet another goes like “Your absence should be long enough so that someone misses you, but it should not be so long that someone learns to live without you.” Wow (Jans, this one from you).

-One more “Hold on to the people who are slipping away.” Is quite common (But was recently highlighted by Bodhisattva).
-Last one "If my mind can concieve it & my heart can believe it, i know i can achieve it." (Gaurav read the post and asked me to include this here).

Am putting these up here for common good. If you like some of these… keep them with you.

Ok this will just keep getting long lest I stop. Will put a full stop here with a promise to return again with another post. I’ve successfully beaten the infamous block and man, am I proud of myself!

So long… Godspeed!

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