I’m attending classes at Kellogg!

Posted by Yashika Totlani Khanna on 1:02 AM

First I want to declare this upfront – it is not because of my credit, but all commendation to my husband for having secured an admission and having taken me along as his Joint Venture (JV, as we are called here) – that I am now allowed to, and enjoying, attending classes at the Kellogg School of Management! Because I am back to the blogging sphere and sharing all my thoughts with you folks, here’s how I have been finding them.

First and foremost, without sounding like a wet-blanket/miss-know-it-all, these classes remind me of the time spent attending journalism classes at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) back home in Delhi. When people called it the best place in India to study media and journalism, because of the quiet sense of complacence that is inherent in me and because of how easily I had secured an admission and topped the batch in my day, I didn’t understand the hoopla. But now I do. Which brings Kellogg into perspective – very audiovisual class content, teaching from powerpoint decks and slides, showing movie/research clippings in class to drive a point across, doing individual PLUS group activities, assignments that jog your grey-cells and super participative and attentive classmates.

But that doesn’t sum it up. The second brightest attribute of the college – the intellectual property, the extra-smart, shining and decorated professors! The finesses with which they teach, the knowledge that they bring to the table, the extraordinary concepts that they have unveiled from industry experience/PhD research that they impart and their charm, ease and wit! What a blend. And what a conducive atmosphere to learn. And such interesting incentives (sometimes champagne and chocolate in class!) to learn, study and grow. And the prized course material that is dolled out personally by the professors and can't be found in regular textbooks!

All of this, the frenzy and the colors, remind me of my time spent studying at IIMC. And through this post, I would like to remind the current students that this might as well be the last best 2 years of your life! Because after this, you will nose-dive into the world of corporate politics and not look up or back for the next 30 years till your retirement. So while you are at it, have maximum fun and learn all that you can. Because you might not remember your daily routines and chores here, but the essence of the learnings and the friends that you make here will linger on forever and last a lifetime. Notwithstanding that I am younger than, or equal to, in age to most people here – my ‘preachings’ come from having spent a wonderful time enjoying graduate school and now living up the same experience with my husband. Lots of gusto to him and the frills for me! This is good :)


And I am back... with a bang!

Posted by Yashika Totlani Khanna on 2:46 AM
I have been away and this place has dried up. But now I am back! With an explanation and with tonnes of news! I left my job at Headlines Today, got married and moved to America. So many things together? Hence the long absence. But now that the dust has settled after the storm, I am back to reclaim my space and to share my thoughts with the world.

First over to some news back home in India. Narendra Modi is gaining prominence and the country stands on the verge of having one of its most turbulent general elections next year, which are most likely to give a fractured verdict. Good I am away from the mess and wouldn’t have to see the murky politics unfold on my television set every night, because it was pretty grim at the time that I left. The wrong people getting the right publicity and the lack of sensible power heads to lead the nation. Gloom and sadness everywhere.

Over to why I allowed so many changes to happen all at once in my life. I thought it was for the good and everybody needs to keep evolving. Although it is pretty lonely in the United States with no job and no studies. Note to self – have to find something to do to keep my resume shining and my mood uplifted!

There is so much more that I have got to share about so many other things and topics. And now that I am back, expect some random musings here. Also note the new change in my name from Yashika Totlani to Yashika Khanna. This place will, however, continue to retain its old-world (old-name) charm, for all practical purposes at least!

So keep dropping by and keep reading up. I enjoy the audience and you will enjoy the company too. So long and tada, loyal readers!

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