Well this seems like fun...

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A big hey to you all! This is my first stint at blogging and I'm pretty unsure about the degree to which I wanna allow this wide world to get a glimpse of the life of this 18 year old! A dear friend of mine knocked this idea into my head and I must admit that the prospect of an uninterrupted flow of thought on cyber-space for all to view did sound interesting. So here I am, typing away spontaneously without giving much thought to where this is going! Now without further ado, I'll set the ball rolling by starting with a brief intro about myself (an endlessly alluring task): A commerce student at Delhi University whose eyes shine bright with the dreams of a glorious future...a person who was born into a conservative family, something that didnt stop me from breaking the glass-ceiling and venturing into previously untouched territory...a rebel by nature with an inexplicable fascination with defying the conventional and with an insatiable hunger to redefine the way things work. That's just a brief overview to the kind of person I am...completely unpredictable and just when you think you've got me figured, the season is already changing! Go figure! Well...seems like I'm off to a good start. The rest will follow soon. Till then, adieu!


heya there..! well lemme jus say..we're both off to a good start at blogging...! i can see days of active blogging and interactive posts following...!!!so happy bloggin..!!!!

i finally made my way to your first post. on a night when a lot of other things seemed gng wrong, reaching here seemed right in a way. Hadnt managed to get this far back..even 3 years ago when i first started reading this blog. and its fun to read your peppy, bouncy intro..much like what are you are.. * bounces * are old it seems bee :)

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