Creativity marred!

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Hi all! Now this post comes almost a month after my previous post… so I presume you all must be wondering where I have been. So this ‘comeback’ post should be an answer to all your queries…

The past month was hectic… actually on second thoughts, ‘hectic’ would be an understatement (and I read somewhere that second thoughts usually make more sense than the first breeze of thoughts that cross our minds. But that’s a different story altogether and I’ll elaborate on that in my forthcoming posts!). Let me give you a sneak-peak into what I have been up to this past month: a rude reminder that holiday season is not eternal (sigh!), frantic packing, addition of crazy nomadic overtones to my persona, loads of traveling, I-miss-my-folks blues, crazy timings, sudden lifestyle changes, the inclusion of a morning walk into this lazy bum’s schedule and BAM, I open my eyes to a different life. How I miss those lazy mornings and worthless days (read: holidays)!

Now for the title of my post: creativity marred. This is a strange phenomena and I’m going to explain it with a series of questions (that would later suffice as the answer): Has a task ever intrigued you so immensely that you find yourself thinking about it quite often, infact so often that it would successfully give your lover a complex?!!? Have you ever experienced the sheer joy that’s derived every time you do this task? Have you ever felt that you’ve finally found something you love to do and would continue doing in the near future? And then have you are being suddenly pulled out of your normal course of life and forced to attune yourself to the changing times? And lastly, have you ever found yourself feeling like an amateur again when you finally sit down to do the task you were so proficient at doing earlier?

This is precisely what happened with me. I had fallen in love with blogging and was always brimming with ideas that would go on to make my next post… was always raring to pen down my views about everything under the sun and post it for the world to see. Then suddenly holiday season came to a halt and I had to take a detour to my crazy life. The metamorphosis took its toll on my zeal to write and I lost all interest in blogging. So yesterday when I sat down to write, my mind went blank and the incessant tick-tick-tick of my clock was the sole thought that clouded my brain. Kept mulling over what to write and finally after an hour, gave up on the idea. Then today I decided to give it another shot but again couldn’t think of anything concrete, so just decided to share what I have been going through. Now as I write this, I realize that I’ve finally managed to incorporate the changes well (that a life in the fast lane forces down your throat!) and am once again my organized self (an excellent time-manager FYI! Sorry if the immodesty irks!). Normalcy seems to be the perfect antidote to the damage done to my creativity! New ideas are already pouring into my mind, like a gush of water from a broken dam.

Take 1:
It’s a beautiful day,
The sun is on its way,
I feel the wind in my hair!
“Oh what a brilliant time to live life!”
Take 2:
It’s a beautiful day to soak up the sun!
Let’s get out there and have some fun!
These lines were inspired by t.v. commercials (let’s see if you can guess which ones!) and yeah, I know they doesn’t make much poetic sense, but I love them! So the dam is down, which means plenty of posts coming your way people… hold thy breath!


So true, Yashika! When I was introduced to the concept of blogging a few months ago I was just mad after it for a couple of days. Then more 'important' things started barking for their time share. So, blogging was left unattended somewhere. But now when I see things in retrospect, I feel I cannot blame circumstances. Had I been more enthusiastic I would have certainly continued what I was loving doing. I don't know how much you'd agree with my view but that's how I think!

Yashika says:

Alok: well, subjective issue. So all views are unique and appreciated...

Rajeshwari Iyer says:

now if u call this dearth of ideas or a full stop or a semcolen to ur flow of thoughts then having known me inside out for the half an year now, would u belive it if tell u that i havent written a single peice for the past 2 months... worse! havent even touched my Encarta!! and consider this, rather club it up with the fact that most of my hols were spent in pollachi where i had nothin to do apart from puttin up with nagging, crappy relatives.
Now u can affirm it urself.... see how crappy my style-of-writingf has become...
so !
u r not alone!!

yashika says:

Rajeshwari: Gees man! You've opened my eyes to others miseries! Just when u think that things couldnt get worse(exaggeration? maybe!), someone pops up(u in my case) to show u that ur problems are only so small in front of their mess! but really, pick up that encarta and ink pen... they complete u!

You choose such an issue to deal with after a one month layoff period? Yeah to start off with, blogging can be really addictive/seductive whichever way you like to put it. But then the hyper activity generally is very short lived. In your case a tad too short lived.
Anyways you write really well and hoping to read more of your blog.

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Arunabh: thanks! and didnt know u too were a fellow blogger... 'm on my way to reading ur blog!

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