Over to the rains…

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Upon somebody’s indirect mention today that my neglect for the blog has spilt over several months now, I feel compelled to come up here and infuse some activity into my dormant space. Time has been a slight issue ever since work started and the biggest sufferer, I now realize, has been the writer in me. So here is an attempt at a quick redress… a warm up of sorts.
After the few initial weeks of discomfort (severe, grievous, spartan), I’ve finally come in terms with this novel life in the fast lane. The clock is attuned to this new ticking and I’m beginning to appreciate the simple pleasures of life again, maybe even more than ever before. The city was thronged with receding monsoon showers today and I managed some time in the evening to come out in the open and have my share of pitter-patter gazing and wind stealing. For all those still interested… it proved soothing and cathartic. A welcome usurpation of nature after dry days spent almost locked up in a cubicle staring at my computer screen… either finishing assignments or browsing Bloomberg dissecting the Lehman bankruptcy. At a time when bad news pours in from all directions (the Thackeray’s new ploy to gain political mileage by pulling off absurd role-plays, to a super bearish Wall Street, to violence against Christians in several states by the notorious VHP, to a fragile Pakistan getting diffident by the day under unstable leadership, to bomb blasts in saddi dilli, to a mud-sling fest in the US elections)… the showers should at least give the journalists something nice to write about in tomorrow’s newspapers.

I’m deviating. Coming back to the rains… there’s something peculiar about them that make them so popular. Traffic snarls and waterlogging aside… the rains mean many more things to a shower-starved Delhi. It could be their uncanny ability to transport the free minds to more joyous terrains, or exposing the jovial ones to newer pinnacles of liberation… they’re symbolic of free spirit and romanticism. At a stage when life teaches new things at every step… today I managed to discover repose in the midst of a traffic-clogged street. Soothing music, a special presence, pitter-patter noises against the steel of a car and my raindrops-blurred vision to the world outside. The rains surely mean more things to a shower-starved city… maybe the romanticist in me has got something to do with it…


good to see u back....and the rains indeed are a refreshing aspect of weather..particulary when they bring the temperatures down in a hot and humid environment. of course its a lot easier for those sitting on the passengers seats to appreciate the pitter patter 'on the steel of the car'...the poor drivers are too caught up in the clutch - accelerator - break - clutch routine and shouting at their windscreens 'Come On! Move!' :P

:P :P
Forgot to insert a lil something on the mystical wet roads too :D

not here...i dnt want a net spanking :P

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yay! finally an update!

as for rains... i cd not agree more... i am a romantic at heart, and unlike others, i dont see rain is dark and gloomy, but a breath of fresh life! I love the rains, im a big fan ... ive spent all of my childhood and teenage, dancing in the rain with my friends... its only here in mumbai that i have not had a chance to enjoy rain for what it is... cuz im in sales and need to travel, rain is an impediment, and usually i get wet and come home feeling sick...
spoke to my mom today and she told me about the rain... and i cd not stop thinking of those days when we all used to enjoy rain so much... cycling in the compound... running ... splashing around... all grown up girls... not afraid of falling sick... oh i wish i were there ... what i cd not do rt now to live those moments again!!

@aditi: phew... i found a bigger rain-enthusiast than me in you! yay!! although my views differ slightly... i only enjoy the rains from the close confines of a car or wrapped up in my blanket at home or gazing out at it from my office windows. getting wet n splashes is just not fun :P What a cold idea... shivering at just the thought of it :P

haha... to each his/her own!!

Well this sounded more like Yashika thinking out of the box. I mean your posts generally are well thought out and researched. So, this comes as totally different. But an enjoyable read overall.
The mere mention of rains makes me miss the Mumbai weather. The Pune weather is also pretty similar but is too cold for my comfort :)

@arunabh: so u found the time to comment! read on... in the next post, im back to being well thought out n researched :)

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