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Posted by Yashika Totlani Khanna on 11:47 PM

Soul-curry. Inspirational and mesmerizing. That’s AR Rehman’s music for you. After a string of popular songs (Vande Mataram - 1997 being my favourite), his efforts were finally recognized on the global platform in this year’s Academy Awards that were announced in Kodak Theatre today. So what if it took an English director for him to find his path of glory, the legend had already been recognized on home turf a long time back.

Gulzar, who gave us some of the most beautiful lyrics in Bollywood, rightfully shared the honour for Best Original Song with Rehman. The media channels, spiraling in a tizzy, gave little space to the modest lyricist who missed the ceremony. From home, he congratulated Rehman and said he was happier for him than he had ever been for himself.

Awards for Best Lead, male and female, went to Sean Penn (Milk) and Kate Winslet (The Reader). Having seen both movies, I have no qualms admitting that both their performances were ground breaking. After multiple non-converted nominations, it was about time that Kate won the gold statuette too!

Fact-of-the-matter: After 26/11, this was Mumbai’s chance at redeeming itself. The eight awards that Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire bagged gave the crestfallen city some reason to cheer. While the debate rages on about Slumdog’s depiction of Indian poverty, there’s no doubt that the team deserves the honours it has received. Resul Pookutty won the big O for Best Sound Mixing and almost broke down while accepting the award. Danny Boyle ended the dream run on a positive note by thanking Mumbai for giving him his story and characters. Indeed a big day for the city. Congratulations to all the winners.

Post-script:Smile Pinki’ won Best Documentary (short subject) as well.


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all well deserved...though i feel poor mickey rourke missed out for reasons other than acting....
still well deserved...and delighted for gulzar, no one conjures up words like he does 'zari wale asmaan ke tale'...the sky belongs to him and fusion guru rahman

@aditi: my post made u write one of ur own? pats on my back :) will comment.

@affy: 'aawaaz hoon main'... yup. yet to watch mickey's wrestler. thx for the comment.

Bindra's Gold, Rahman's oscar,'one of the kind' Mumbai terror attack...period of extremities for India.

Nonetheless it inspired scores of Indians to shrug off their insecurities and prove their true potential!

@aneesha: remarkable year indeed.

aditi says:

u bet it did.. u r an inspiration for me, seriously... whenever i feel im stuck with writer's block, oen look at ur blog and i feel ideas surging thru my veins!! :)

Im happy too, now there is some reason for mumbai to cheerup. Personally i think the story did not weigh much but, its boyle direction that made oscars, he has poured life into every character.

And ofcourse every one knows Rahman's talent he deserves it.

I always wondered how was kate going home without an oscar the last thirteen times, i felt it was poor judgement.But, this time the Nazis girl oscar claim for her best performance could not be

stopped by any one.

I am yet to see Milk. So cant comment on Mr.Milk.

I am looking forward to seeing indian actors taking one too.

@aditi: im glad u feel that way :)

@praveen: kate walked away without an oscar thirteen times? thought it was six.

Another typical hifi journo style review p......s :D
I don't think i need to repeat that you are still stuck up in the wrong place.

Btw, the new template rocks! I swear :)

@arunabh: a lil amplified, im still some distance away from journo type articles... but thanks! and the new template is attributable to a fellow blogger who showed us the way :)

i just liked it nice post

@kishore sahib: thanks for visiting :)

hey yashika
this is mohit and i have been following up ur blog for the past 8 mnths.. and really respect ur english..

i meana say u really ROCK in English..

@to this blog ... yeah it was really kewl to see slumdog bagging up 8 oscars.

@mohit: didnt know i had a 'secret reader' :P thanks :)

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well umm a secret fan ll b better to say than a secret reader lol

provided u temme some good ways to incerase my vocab... :P

@mahi: keep visiting n i will :P

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