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Take two... my second attempt at writing this post. First draft lacked structure and sounded random. Writing television news has changed the way I write. My sentences are shorter, English is simpler and I am almost always writing for some imaginary audience. No more, not here... no sir.

Writer’s block had yet again jammed the grey artilleries in my brain. The juices aren’t flowing like they once used to and the mind requires some literary exercise. I haven’t written for this space in a while and I feel lost. Lost in the crowd and lost in the flurry of action & activity that defines my life right now. Little time to smell the roses and even lesser time to replenish the essentials that wholly constituted my life before the madness began. But I vowed to myself to not get lost in the maddening crowd... and I am back at my favourite place to reflect some more on life and times. Blogging helps me channelize my thoughts in a crystal-clear way...

Life has simplified a bit. There are fewer things that demand attention. Friends have become busy and the pressures of maintaining an active social life have soothed. Not that I didn’t enjoy mingling with my favourite people. But everybody is hooked now, as am I. And luckily, the bonds have remained... only to be rekindled on stolen trips back home or wherever these hidden treasures reside.

But while things have simplified in some respects... a greater investment of my time is needed elsewhere. The quality versus quantity debate seems to have crept into the picture and I know I have grown up. The last year or so had been fast and energetic. My endurance, patience and comfort levels have been tested like never before. On the personal front, things have evolved too. I have become more content and satisfied as a person. Existing bonds have solidified. Temperaments and rationales have passed the test of time...

Life has come a half-circle, as opposed to a full one, and I feel ready to experience more. Christmas and New Years are just around the corner and Santa has also popped out, buzzing with jingling bells in my head. Emotions have passed through the prism of time and split into a rainbow of jubilation and exhilaration.

Random, erratic thoughts are the essence of this post... but I shall be back to write and share more. Stay tuned ;)


You are right..you do write for an imaginary audience :D :D :P..ok, on a serious note, nice to see random thoughts and time getting crystallized into words. i guess empty winter days and the approach of festive seasons has that happy optimistic effect. Indeed, writing and reading is something that gets neglected first as we find newer actions and people to keep ourself occupied with.
But nothing like a good old blog and nothing like the feel of the tip tap of the keyboard as the words rattle along on an empty MS Word page. I love it everytime I embark on that endeavour :-)

Yes, Christmas and Santa both promise good tidings and happy days ahead...here a cheer to the cheer! :-)

@akb: thank you for the prompt comment... and nice lil joke u made there about the imaginary audience :P cause not that few people watch the channel :P

anyway, yes, plenty of festivities lie ahead and i am excited :) i am happy too about the time gone by and i feel content, even happy, about all that i have been able to accomplish... with a lil help :)

about the writing bit... waiting for you to give twenty2yards a push ahead too... :)

Nice post...could relate to it !
You sometimes get so engrossed in the day to day dhinchak that there is seldom time to 'smell the roses' as you rightly mentioned !

Waiting for more to read and comment here so you better pick up pace now :-)

Anonymous says:

Nice thoughts gal..esp when it comes to where u say people r bzy with life and yet in touch with the treasures!! tkcr n keep writing ... i do miss reading ur blogs :)

@rohan: yes, i shall try to bring in pace. surprised by your quick comment! very nice! :)

@anon: anon, plz write your name :P and thx... this post 'came from within'... i miss my people... and at the same time, i cherish the achievements :)

jandeep says:

Don't really know what to say...but i almost everytime love what u write.....and its good that you're back again!! This time, instead of writing about something in particular...you are writing about life in general...good to know that you are evolving and learning with each experience in life....keep it up!!

@jans: thx for the constant appreciation :) glad u found time to visit, read n comment! :)

Very nicely put:) i think working in television has just made our life a whole lot well i dunno what to say:P i so second you! writing for television has indeed changed the way we write!!:)

@loki: i has to stress my brain to write this ya!! not to mention, how much more stressful life has become :(

So you're back! wonder motivated you? :p Nice to see an update girl. Keep posting

@neha: partly you, yes :P keep coming for posts! :)

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