"Dilli Bandh"... life comes to a standstill

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VIGNETTE: Description of an awfully tragic morning: Being late for college and taking an auto in an attempt to make it on time. Riding in what proves out to be a ‘death-auto’ for 13 long minutes. Frantically running all the way to the class only to enter a half-empty space and finding out that all the classes have been called off. Thinking of still utilizing the time by getting some pending work done at the other end of Delhi. Going to the metro station in hope of speeding things up and finding out that the damned metro services from the university station have been curtailed for the day due to some dharnas. Realizing that there is no other way to get to ‘the other end’. Returning home dejected. Thinking of digging your teeth into your favorite cookie, awesome stress-buster, but finding your neighborhood grocer's shop closed.

* Curtains drawn *

Yeah, that was a brief prelude to the kind of morning I had today. Though I woke up at 6 a.m., I still managed to get late for college (a feat only I can achieve!) and decided to squander a few bucks on an auto (which spells ‘luxury’ in student’s circles here) in a desperate attempt to reach the class on time. I had an economics class and the teacher was pretty strict when it came to giving out attendance to ‘late-comers’. So I asked the auto-wallah to speed up… and big surprise: he turned out to be a maverick brave-heart! Maybe he saw this as an opportunity to display ALL his stocked up driving skills (and stunts!) and rode REAL fast…so fast that I had to hold on to my seat to stay in place! Thankfully a few narrow escapes and missed accidents later… I finally reached the college in time (with white knuckles, ofcourse!). I rushed to the class only to find out that all the classes had been called off (yes, including the eco class) cause most of the teachers hadn’t been able to make it to college due to traffic-jams that had become commonplace today. Frustrated and dejected, I decided to utilize the day anyway and thought of getting some work done at ICSI, prasad nagar. So I strolled to the university metro station, patting myself on the back, but what I saw there was no less than adding insult to injury. I saw reporters from NDTV, and other blah blah blah channels, interviewing people; asking them how the ‘closed’ metro line had “affected/hit their schedule”. Taken aback, I eventually gathered that the Delhi University-Kashmere Gate, 4 kms underground metro stretch, had been closed as a precautionary measure (because the traders had decided to gherao the delhi assembly which fell midway on the route) till further notice. For a brief moment I actually contemplated going and whacking the NDTV reporter on the head (I don’t know why though, it wasn’t her fault!) who was interviewing a univ mate as to how he felt about the whole ‘metro line abruptly closing down’ thing. Instead, I walked away from the scene and cribbed in quite murmurs to myself and cursed lady luck for having abandoned me on the very first day of the week-Monday (which is quite unpopular anyway… cause of its ‘inherent quality/ability/trait’ of yanking people out of weekends and throwing them into the tiring hustle-bustle of daily life).

So seeing all my hopes of making some good of the day falling flat on their face, I started back home. Saw truckloads of people being ferried to the assembly… they shouted slogans against the MCD sealing drive… resolute anger and determination marked their faces. All this; while me, dejected beyond measure, tried thinking about the good things in life… but all that plagued my mind were sad thoughts and gloomy tales.

Blink! Hang on… it can’t be all that bad! I just needed to think like an optimist and try to find out the silver lining to this cloud. Hmmm… now what good can this bring? Oh, ofcourse! This was an awesome opportunity for me to snuggle up in my sheets at home, with a nice book in my hand (bought ‘memoirs of a geisha’ yesterday) and dig my teeth into my favorite cookie! Wow! Why hadn’t I thought of this before?!? So with a newfound spring in my steps, I hop along the way to my neighborhood grocer to get a packet of the heavenly cookies, with gleamy stars in my eyes leading the way. Could hardly wait to execute my brilliant plan for the afternoon! But then it happened… lady ‘bad luck’ couldn’t have been crueler… I see (and suddenly remember it was a ‘traders’ strike… and the grocer was no exception) that the shop’s shutter was down with two heavy locks securely holding it in place. And then one more realization, which can safely be called the ‘cherry on the cake’, dawned on me- the strike was going to go on for three days… till the 1st of November…

* Curtains fall *

EPILOGUE: Ok, now I officially put an end to all the cribbing and tell you what I finally did:
I went back home, switched on my computer, and typed the whole ordeal down as a blog entry ;)

P.S. 1: Blogosphere is an awesome place to vent out your anger.
P.S. 2: The above pics was taken first hand while returning back home.
P.S. 3: NO, I haven’t exaggerated anywhere in the post.
P.S. 4: Desperately hope that the coming two days of the bandh prove better.
P.S. 5: Delhi seems paralysed!


Anonymous says:

ps : entertaining description of a bandh. n no am not poking fun at your miseries.
pps : you did a great job as far as capturing the bandh is pictures is concerned.
ppps : did you not actually get to witness any violence?
pppps : You dint care giving a few sound bytes to the harried ndtv journo ?
ppppps: inshallah !! the indian cricket team shall win one day !!

@arunabh: now before i reply to your comment, lemme tell you something- today the metro was operational again and i got my prasad nagar work done! yay!

so, coming back to the counter:
ps: thanks!
pps: thanks again!
ppps: na re, wasnt fortunate enough to feast my eyes on some lathi-charges and water-cannons!
pppps: told you, had i gone closer, my nerves would have forced me whack her on the head! (even if i had given her a piece of my mind, they wouldnt have aired it... they cant air obscenities and abuses! neither do they appreciate profanity and barbarism!)
ppppps: you are a damn 'god-fearless' sorta person! traitor, nonetheless ;)


Hmmm lemme come down to the 2 most important things:
1. Has the strike ended?
2. Did you get the cookies?

P.S. 1 inspired by moi..!
P.S. 2 again inspired by me
P.S. 3 huh!
P.S. 4 Hmm..
P.S. 5 Ever since u went back there ...hahahahah!!
*bursts into fits of uncontrollable laughter*

@by toutatis: Yeah! The strike ended, as scheduled, on the 1st.. so cookie cravings had to wait for 3 whole days :(
Though things are sunny again now :)

@exclusively_me: The 'gentle humour' has me all 'smirky' :) Keep visiting!

oohh....thas quite an insight..!!!

Anonymous says:

Hey..that was awesome..never read such a entertaining description b4!!

b/w ur blog is pretty interesting..read some 5-6 posts at one go.


@archie: Really?!? Thanks n keep visiting :)

@aneesha: Im so completely flattered! And 4-5 posts at one go?!? Man! Dunno what prompted you to bestow me with that honour. Thanks anyway! And keep visiting. Now me on my way to reading ur blog...

Thats quite a vivid description indeed, Like the way you highlighted things as the Auto walah ride, and the ndtv's fly by's. I really like dthat truck picture, It tells a lot( i guess true to that ol saying).

Good show (**Curtain falls**)
Been a regular of your reflections.

P.S. Had lifted that tagger stuff.. hope u dont mind.

Anonymous says:

Nice post... !
I'll be sure to take a few pics of the burning tyres in the main road outside my house and put them up on my blog.

but yeah, nice post & i can identify. noida mod has always been a trouble area...
1) its nice and big with a clearing in the middle
2) you get to stop a whole-lotta-traffic.
3) AND there is a flyover just there... so your audience has a place to go... full on amphitheater type scene :)

@kumar gautam: thanks dude! lovely reading ur comments.
p.s. the tagger stuff was put up to be picked! i dont mind at all, not in the least :)
keep visiting!

@cynical consultant: entertaining description of the noida mor ya! waiting to 'feast' mua eyes on some pics! keep frequenting!

Anonymous says:

Thank You! for the comments...
i always wanted a ROTFL reaction from readers... Nice warm fuzzy feeling to know that your words have induced someone to roll on the floor. very touching....

Keep visiting and check out the others... you might just roll over again.. :)

so, ur Aditi's friend huh.... !

@cynical consultant: Yeah, will keep 'wisecracking' ;)
And yup, know aditi.
You keep visiting too dude.

Anonymous says:

another post up...
Do see. Thanks.

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