In retrospect…

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A million buried emotions,
Rhapsodic moments stashed away in the past.
Irredeemable, irreplaceable…
Now just eternal imprints on the heart.

Reminiscences recollections,
Stories scribbled on the sands of time.
A gush of waves and all washes away…
Echoes in corridors of mind, still make the heart chime.


Anonymous says:

Quite nice. You sure you don't wanna pick up the phone and get in touch with people and times from the past? Or are they better preserved as memories?

@fungus: some reachable... some frozen n lost in the whirlpool of time...
Thx for visiting :)

hmm...changes changes...and they find a reflection in a sonnet...interesting...with my limited understanding of poetry i am trying to comprehend....but life is a journey, people come and people go...though that one moment of bidding goodbye to someone at a bus stop, a railway platform or an airport terminal is the most difficult one...i always feel a sense of emptiness as i turn around and walk back after the goodbye...a part of you goes away with the one who leaves...

@Affy: The verse could be as all-encompassing or as specific as one might want it to be. All depends on how we decide to comprehend it.

Keep visiting :)

Leaving the safe cocoon of college life seems to be having a telling effect on you. You have actually become poetic :)
Write a few more before job life gets to you and blogging becomes an unaffordable luxury.

@Arunabh: Nada, wouldnt let job life get onto me. Keep visiting :)

beautiful... though it sounds meloncholy... as if someone is sad.. as if someone s preparing to bid goodbye to the world!!

very well written... loved it :)

@sugar&spice: right you are. pensive i was while writing this...

@sai: thx!

People and moments that come into life are destined to go like the chalice needs to be empty for the wine to go in.
All one should hope and relisg is that the recollections and reminiscences that echo are good and the incoming wine even better...

@kunal: well said!! thx for dropping by :)

very well written...so much said in so less words...loved it..do drop by at my page...am sure u will find something interesting!!!

@deepak: will do. thx for visiting :)

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