First week at EY: Sitting duck, hunger struck!

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Sitting idle, working on somebody else’s workstation… the devil’s workshop (almost established as a permanent member of ‘snoreland’ now) compels me to write about my first week in the office. Hmmm. It all began on the 23rd of June this year. Starry eyed… I made my first foray into the corporate world with tiny little footprints on the shores of a humble branch called consultancy when I entered the swanky EY office that day. A little apprehensive, slightly wary and hugely aware of the sense of achievement that engulfed me… I had little idea about what awaited me behind those glass doors.

Orientation lasted a week. ‘Orientation’ here means a plethora of presentations, a townhall on day one celebrating a merger, an inauguration on day two and a birthday bash on day five. It also included opening new bank accounts, understanding the intranet applications, a few video conferences with our people in the US, signing insurance policies, filling up a bundle of forms, a flashy fleet of cabs waiting to drive us home (based in gurgaon) and basically familiarizing us with the various departments and heads of the organization. Oh, not to forget the awesome food… rajasthani to street grub to sumptuous cakes, all within five days… it’s a virtual foodies paradise. This coupled with many new varieties of salads, rotis, paranthas, rice and sweets every day. Only glitch remains the non vegetarian food that still eludes the otherwise yummy menu :(

Today is day two of week two and I finally feel at home. An approachable manager, a friendly peer group and several supportive seniors later… working after college doesn’t seem like a difficult transition anymore. It’s comfortable, it still about manages to retain the novelty factor and it’s enriching. Net net… I think the days ahead look fairly promising.

Footnote: Stealing the opportunity to temporarily overlook the early morning wake-ups at six and the almost two hour long commutes to Gurgaon… the super strong air conditioning and uber sensitive fire alarms [=))] add more spice to the new life. Still, I’m all smiles :)

P.S. Main attraction for me are the foozeball tables on each floor.
P.P.S. I called myself an appendage to zzzzzzland because this week has been reasonably unoccupied. Got to enjoy it while it lasts… expect many new posts on yashikaworld =))


'expect many more posts on yashika world' - well we shall put that to the test once work begins at 'home' :P
so somebody here as actually got all swooned and won over by the corporate razmatazz..- jazzy workstations, pantries, ac cabs, merchandise etc. etc..
wat a pity poor pwc never got such a nice blogpost out of me :)
P.S. - why not show this to people at work...im sure they will put it at the portal :P
P.P.S. - enjoy the fun till..... :P :D

@the lazy knight: uninterrupted flow of posts cant be interrupted by anybody/anything!! i blog in office... i'll continue blogging in office :P

n correction... we have an entire cafeteria big enough to hold parties, and not just a pantry :P :D

NO, not swooned by anything!! The 'six word statement' (you know which one) stays! My manager was sitting right across me while i was writing this and it was difficult to find mean things to say with somebody that sweet sitting in the vicinty. Also, wanna remember ey for its good things... so overlooked the negatives.

P.S. Yup, should show this at work. Would get me some additional points :P
P.P.S. Will keep enjoying even after getting work... I got priorities :D

oye.. congrats yet again!!
guess both of us are in the same business now :)

seems you are having fun... i am yet to begin my office tours and the training is really taking a toll... i have caught cold sitting/sleeping/eating etc in the ACed atmosphere :P ... i so much long for fresh air... nonetheless i am still high on food and parties :).. its way way better than the mess but the food back home has a different charm ... the nawab city has some great delicacies of its own to offer and the isb campus is simply awesome... overall having a great time !!

@sai: isb?? mc kinsey?? where are you?!?

oh so true a description. My life is also going along the same lines.The devil called 'orientation', the never ending plethora of presentations and what not. Sometimes it really gets on the nerves.. i am starting to sound like someone who has already been working with some organization for some years now. Ain't i? :P
Expect more posts on yashikaworld?? Now thats what i call luxury :)
Keep blogging and i shall keep reading :)

@arunabh: too little, too late! YES, you sound like a harried tired employee already! buck up! 'golden' days ahead :P

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